S1E4 – The Dating Life of a Female Rugby Player

by Naya

Naya and LO get down to dating on this week’s episode as they share their own experiences. They discuss what it’s like to date as a professional rugby player, if that’s hard and why since not every man can handle strong minded powerful woman, the pros and cons of dating another athlete, public or private dating, priorities of dating, long distance dating. And they consider the dating pool during a pandemic. Plus the duo responds to a variety of cubs questions that you don’t want to miss!For more information, links and resources plus conversations from the world of women’s sport including articles, blogs, videos and podcasts visit wispsports.com. WiSP Sports is the World’s First and Only Podcast Network for Women’s Sport with more than 60 hosts, 1300+ episodes across 50 shows and over 7 million downloads. WiSP Sports is on all major podcast players. Follow WiSP Sports on social media @WiSPsports. Contact us at info@wispsports.com.

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